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Bretagne aquarelles

Fabrice Moireau
Yann Queffélec

Traversing this land from the Pointe du Raz to the Landes de Lanvaux and from the Golfe du Morbihan to the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel, Fabrice Moireau and Yann Queffélec have plied paintbrush, pencil and pen to give us this magnificent portrait of Brittany.

« The land facing the sea », or Armorica, was how the Gauls referred to Brittany in times of old. Buffeted by the Channel and the Atlantic on three sides, the Breton peninsula occupies most of the Massif Armorican, which stretches from Finistère’s westerly points to the banks of the Seine in Normandy.

Granite rules throughout the region, typifying its geology and its culture. Churches, manor houses, farmsteads and calvaries all frequently used this mineral, sometimes working it as finely as lace. All around, throughout the countryside, paths and fields are dotted with blocks of granite, in mounds, upright, in rows…


Éditions du Pacifique
Release : September 2018
EAN : 9789814610636
Size : 290 x 250 mm
96 pages
30 €

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Flip through the book Bretagne aquarelles by Fabrice Moireau and Yann Queffélec

Fabrice Moireau

Fabrice Moireau

Born in Blois in 1962, Fabrice Moireau is a graduate of the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts appliqués et des métiers in Paris. His sketchbooks are authentic cultural and ethnographic records of his frequent travels. A great lover of architecture and gardens, he strives in his watercolours to convey the subtle play of light, the atmosphere of a city or landscape. He has illustrated many publications, including New York Sketchbook, Paris Sketchbook and Rome Sketchbook, also published by Editions Didier Millet.

Yann Queffélec

Yann Queffélec was born on 4 September 1949. His father, Henri Queffélec, was also a writer, from Brest. Yann's first book, a biography of the Hungarian composer Béla Bartók, was published in 1981. His first novel, Le Charme Noir, about the Algerian War, was published to great acclaim in 1983. His next, Les Noces Barbares (The Wedding), won the Prix Goncourt in 1985, and has been translated into many different languages. Since then, he has published forty works including a biography of Éric Tabarly, and a further twenty-five novels. He is also the author of the Dictionnaire Amoureux de la Bretagne (Plon-Fayard, 2013) and L'Homme de Ma Vie (éditions Guérin, 2015, Prix des Hussards). Yann Queffélec is a literary columnist for the Nouvel Observateur, and a member of Les Écrivains de Marine, a group of seafaring writers founded in 2003 par Jean-François Deniau.

Through his novels and writing, Yann Queffélec scrutinises the fortunes and misfortunes of the human comedy.

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